the Alex Sanders lectures - J.W. Baker The title says it all: about Alex Sanders and his views.

An ABC of witchcraft - Doreen Valiente

Aradia, gospel of the witches - Charles G. Leland


A classic! Italian hereditary witch Maddalena gave from 1886 insight into her knowledge to Leland, whom wrote it down in this beautiful work.

Ancient witchcraft - Patricia Crowther 


Descriptions of rituals, magic, witches tarot etc.



Buckland’s complete book of witchcraft - Raymond Buckland


A practical guide for the beginning witch, easy and understandably written.


Drawing down the moon - Margot Adler The writer describes various traditions in a neatly way. Also descriptions of annual feasts.
Eight sabbats for witches - Janet & Stewart Farrar Clearly described background information and rituals.
the Encyclopedia of witches and witchcraft - Guiley A very good overview of the meaning of different terms in Witchcraft and definitions of many prominent witches.
High Magic's aid - Scire (Gerald Gardner)


First publication by Gardner, written as a novel. A fictional book but with underlying truths from his teachers and coven. Some texts (about magic) are derived from Key of Salomon (see further on this page).
Italian Witchcraft - Raven Grimassi Beautiful book about Stregeria, traditional witchcraft in Italy. An inspirational work.
Lid of the cauldron - Patricia Crowther Beautiful ritual texts and spells with much background information.
the Meaning of witchcraft - Gerald Gardner
the Rebirth of witchcraft - Doreen Valiente This book gives insight into the background of Wicca and the role of the writer there in.
the Spiral dance – Starhawk About rituals, magic and invocations, written from a feminine perspective. Very informative and practical.
the Tree, The complete book of saxon witchcraft - Raymond Buckland Complete Book of Shadows for this tradition. According to Buckland it's source lies in the middle-ages, it is extremely similar to Gardnerian Wicca.
Wicca, the ancient way - Isis Urania covens Booklet about traditional witchcraft, about the background and misconceptions. Written from a coven point of view. Exciting controversial book.
What witches do - Stewart Farrar Title says it all. Well written from a coven point of view, like all Farrar books.
Witchcraft – Martello This vivid written book takes away many misconceptions about witchcraft.
Witchcraft for tomorrow - Doreen Valiente A peak inside Doreen Valientes B.O.S. About self initiation, rituals, divination and much more.
Witchcraft, the sixth sense – Justine Glass About the connection between the sixth sense and witchcraft from a very personal point of view through experience.
Witchcraft today - Gerald Gardner
the Witches god - Janet & Stewart Farrar A magnificent book with very clear descriptions of the God and male archetypes.
the Witches Goddess - Janet & Stewart Farrar Again a book - not to be missed- about the goddess and the meaning of the archetypes.
the Witches’ qabalah - E. Cannon Reed The qabalah from a witches point of view.
the Witches way - Janet & Stewart Farrar A must have.


Magic, rituals, divination, mysticism and much more


Book of legendary spells - Elbee Wright Filled with spells from many cultures, interesting but read between the lines.
the Book of Lilith - Barbara Black Koltuv This book gives insight into Lilith the feminine Christian demon, counterpart of Eve. Mysterious, dark, seductive, dominant en therefore objectionable according to Christian doctrines. Very interesting.
the Book of Thoth - Aleister Crowley Description about the Crowley tarot by the master himself.
the Goat foot god - Dion Fortune Mystic novel.
the Golden Bough - James G. Frazer


A very famous book. Thorough sourcebook about religion, myth and folklore. Influential book of reference.


the Key of Solomon - Macgregor Mathers


Written by the well known 19th century magician Mathers (gave leadership to the golden dawn). A magical textbook or grimoire. Modern witchcraft has derived many elements from this book. Heavy reading but worth it.
Magic and the magician - W.E. Butler


Two books in one. Both give a thorough look into magic from a psychological viewpoint. The second book gives many methods to gain magical powers and how to work them. A must!
the Magic of incense, oils & brews - Scott Cunningham Lucidly written recipes.
Moonchild - Aleister Crowley Mystic novel.
Moonmagic - Dion Fortune Mystic novel.
the Mystical qabalah - Dion Fortune
Psychic selfdefence - Dion Fortune
the Ritual magic workbook - Dolores Ashcroft Nowicki


A practical handbook about magic. Every lesson takes a month and the course is completed within a year. For the basics of magic I can recommend it, don't expect to much depth..
the Sea Priestess - Dion Fortune Mystic novel.